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Due to how much responsibilities I have in real life, I have to say that I no longer have time making qr codes. Don’t get me wrong, I love it when you guys request stuff, that’s the most fun part of making them actually. 

But what I’m trying to say is: I’m probably not going to fill any more requests in the foreseeable future. I’ll let the blog remain for the qr codes. But it’s not going to be updated anytime soon. 

It’s been a fun 4 months while it lasted and you guys have all been really nice and cool. Feel free to unfollow!

I hope you guys continue to have fun playing Animal Crossing!

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» A message from craymegtion:

Its been a while! :D Could you make a ring master shirt for a guy? They have one in the game but you get it from Gracie as a gift.. I just googled mens ringmaster costume and they're mostly red long sleeves with a yellow tie or something.

Oh that sounds a lot of fun to make! Something along the line of this right?

Unfortunately, midterms are coming up for me so I can’t fill it quickly and I also have one other request to fill before this. So maybe uhhh Wednesday at best? This may take a while, sorry :(((

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» A message from Anonymous:

Hello, I love your designs and this might be terribly offensive, but I was wondering if I could request a re-coloring of an already made design? I found them on a site that didn't have the source and I haven't been able to find them again anywhere. I think they're amazingly cute, and I found designs in blue and pink for my friends, but I was wanting a re-color in orange/red so we could all match. I'll understand if you wouldn't want to do it though.

Oh man I am usually a bit hesitant about that sort of thing since I don’t want to infringe on anyone’s design or anything. But I also want to help you… How about you send me the link to the original and I’ll make a decision then? (and if you are comfortable with it and can come off anon so we can privately message that’d be excellent)

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» A message from shishihuntsthespooky:

Hi, I love this blog you're designs are amazing! Since you take requests, I was wondering if you could do anything relating to the anime K Project? In particular I was hoping you could make a qr code for a picture of the HOMRA symbol? I want to use it for my town flag, but I can't find one anywhere. Or a HOMRA hoodie, similar to the one the character Rikio Kamamoto wears? Either plain or with a black skirt. I'd appreciate it, but just do what you do, and keep up the good work! c:

Yeah the flag should not be too hard, I’ll try. And just to make sure, it’s this one right?


Btw, do you want the letters (the HMR) to be included? They may be a bit hard to include since they are so detailed, but I can try anyway.

And when it comes to the hoodie, I’m assuming it’s this one?


I tend to be pretty busy in the beginning of the week, so this may not be up until Wednesday or Thursday if all goes to plan!


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» A message from fossilgoth-deactivated20140817:

I came for the Night Vale, I stayed for the other cute codes. Do you have time to do a simple bat costume? Just black with wings, whatever looks batty to you. If you collect anything on AC, I'll gladly trade.

Huh, that’s a bit tough because I’m not 100% sure as to what constitute as bat-like. It would be nice to try, but I am not sure if it’ll turn out well. But if you have a reference/details in mind, it would help me a lot! Should be up around Wednesday 9/25! (and I don’t really need anything, thank you very much for the offer though~)

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» A message from creatureofpureshit:

Hello again! I see a lot of people requesting things from anime and stuff so could you do Coraline's star sweater for me? Blue with stars of different sizes and some white dots scattered around too? And I think it's a turtleneck in the movie but you can't do that in the game so it doesn't matter. Thank you so much!!

I’m not quite sure if I can put in the white dots well because they are so small and seem more like you can only see them due to the angle of the light/texture of the sweater, but I’ll try! I’m a bit busy so it probably won’t be up until 9/24, I hope you’ll like it!

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» A message from Anonymous:

HEY THE COAT IS GREAT!! Thank you so much! I have my winter outfit completed now! You are so nice and talented I love youuuuu :)

I’m just glad you liked it! And anytime, anon!

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